Sunday, April 22, 2007

Hunter's Best Friend at School Lesson Plan

Discussion points (taken from VSB list): Sometimes one friend can be put in a difficult situation when the other does something wrong. This book offers a strategy for dealing with this problem

Summary – Hunter and Stripe are best friends and do everything together. When Stripe starts to misbehave Hunter follows along and gets into trouble. Hunter talks with his mother and she teaches him that being a best friend doesn’t always mean doing what your friend does. Hunter solves the problem by helping his friend to be his “best self”


Read Hunter’s Best Friend
- Story: “being a best friend doesn’t mean following around. Sometimes being a best friend means you have to help your friend be his best self”

Role Play what we could do when a friend is mischief making in class
- Identify real class situations
- Get students to develop their own strategies for dealing with this

- What is appropriate behaviour for class/playground etc
- Make a list

Machine: Producing Friends
- Students are part of a machine producing friends.
- One by one they come and make an action and state a word about friendship.
- What are the qualities of Friends and Un-friends
- Acting as a group and listening to each other
- e.g.'s: Friends are Nice (thumbs up), Helpful (open hands), Kind (smiling)

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